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Navigating Female Sexual Health (FSH) with Confidence and Knowledge

Sex is an important part of life. We all know that. But what is the most important part of sex? Prioritizing our sexual health.

Sexual Health (SH) refers to a state of physical, emotional, and social well-being that enables a woman to participate in and enjoy sexual activity fully. 

The saying, ”Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus,” originated from the fact that sexual response patterns are different between sexes. 

For men, physical desire motivates sexual activity, which leads to arousal and then an orgasm, all in a linear sequence. 

Women experience this same linear pattern of sexual response, but unlike men, many factors can have an effect on their sexual response.

How you feel about your partner, how you feel about yourself, your health, your previous sexual experiences, and your social and religious upbringing are all factors that can affect your sexual behaviors and responses.

What is a female sexual dysfunction? 

For starters, they are way more prevalent than you think. A dysfunction is a behavior that persists for six months or longer, which prevents you from enjoying your sex life and causes you distress.

Dysfunction can be manifested in any of the phases of the sexual response, (e.g., loss of desire, decreased arousal, inability to reach orgasm, and pain with sexual activity).

Talking about your sexual needs can help bring you and your partner closer together to promote sexual fulfillment. Talk to your partner about what you like and dislike, admit your discomfort, talk regularly, and be concerned about your partner’s needs. If the difficulty persists, consider turning to your doctor or a sex therapist for help. 

A consultation with Carlos Jurado, MD, PhD (PhD in Clinical Sexology), can place you on a path towards a healthier sex life.

At MD Touch Aesthetics and Wellness, we have designed various therapies to treat women and their sexual dysfunctions, aiming to improve their sexual health, boost confidence, and strengthen their relationships.

1 – Individual and Couple counseling- to open and improve the communication between the couple.  Learning what each other thinks in regard to their own sexuality is the first step to improving your personal sexual satisfaction and your relationship with your partner.

2- Management of sex hormones- imbalances and deficiencies of the sex hormones- Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone- will have a great impact on your sexual health. Hormones-related problems can happen at any age but are exacerbated with menopause. Other factors such as stress, health issues, medications, and lifestyle can negatively affect your hormonal optimal production and function. Common complaints and symptoms associated with hormonal deficiencies are:

  • Vaginal wall dryness and atrophy cause pain during sex.
  • Decrease sex drive, decreased arousal, and orgasm responses.
  •  Fatigue that will decrease your disposition to engage in an intimate encounter.
  • change in how the body looks caused by increased fat deposit, loss of muscle mass, and saggy skin- affecting a woman’s self-confidence and sex appeal.

3Medical evaluation to rule out organic conditions that can cause embarrassing or painful sex.

Vaginal dryness- Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) is a well-recognized medical condition caused by the lack of hormonal stimulation of the vaginal mucosa, causing dryness and lack of elasticity. Manifestation of GSM includes lack of lubrication, painful sex, decreased sensation, vaginal inflammation, increased incidence of genito-urinary infections, and urinary incontinence. THE “GOOD NEWS” IT IS REVERSIBLE WITH HORMONE THERAPY.

4 – We have designed multiple minimally invasive in-office treatments to improve the function of women’s sexual organs, which will boost pleasure and your overall sexual response. Also, the procedure enhances the appearance of the external women’s genitals to boost confidence and sex appeal. The following are the conditions we treat:

a – Vaginal walls prolapse- a condition that is caused in most cases by injuries to the birth canal, muscular, fibro-elastic, and neural tissues during childbirth. Patients commonly complain of:

  • Progressive pressure sensation in the vaginal area.
  • Involuntary leaking of urine “Urinary stress incontinence”
  • Pain during sex

b – Urinary incontinence- itself can be a severe condition that not only will affect your sexual health but the overall quality of life- involuntary loss of urine is a common problem that affects many women.


c – Changes in the look of the outside of the woman’s genitals- the vulvar, outer and inner lips, and perineum include:

  • Increase or loss of the fatty cushion.
  •  Sagginess of skin- “flat tire” appearance.
  • Excessive or redundant tissue of the inner lips at the opening of the vagina. Which is the cause of distress for many women due to the

the perceived unattractive appearance of the external genitals.

  • Stretch vaginal opening secondary to trauma after childbirth. This condition not only affects the looks of the vaginal opening but does reduce the sensation during sex for both the woman and her partner.

Loss of sexual function and the unpleasant appearance of the external genitalia could undermine confidence in the affected woman and cause her to withdraw from intimacy. THE “GOOD NEWS”, THERE ARE IN OFFICE TREAMENT TO CORRECT MANY OF THIS CONDITIONS AND RESTORE YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH AND CONFIDENCE.

The following is a list of all the procedures available to you with Dr. Carlos Jurado at MD Touch Aesthetics and Wellness:

  • Hormonal optimization and a wellness program for overall health optimization
  • Sexual counseling for you and your partner
  • Emsella- to treat urinary incontinence by electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic muscles, producing better support, tone, and strength.
  • O’shot – direct infiltration of your own PRP (Platelet reach Plasma) into your vaginal and clitoral areas- to boost reparation of the nervous, vascular, and support tissues. Aim to increase pleasure during sex and reduce the frequency of involuntary urine leakage.
  • Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation– utilized radiofrequency stimulation of the vaginal walls to improve tone, elasticity, and lubrication. The external genitalia can also be treated to reduce the sagginess of the tissue and “flat tire” appearance.
  • Surgical vaginal rejuvenation and perineoplasty– restore tightening of the vaginal opening and repair the scars caused by childbirth.
  • Labiaplasty- plastic surgery procedure to remove redundant tissue from the minor lip at the entrance of the vagina.
  • Fat transfer or liposuction to labia majoras – we call it vulvar remodeling to restore it to a more youthful look.

If a less-than-optimal sex life afflicts you, come to see us. We can help you to restore your sexual health. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Carlos Jurado at MD Touch Aesthetics and Wellness- (954)960-6321.

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