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Are you a productive and active individual now entering your 40s?

But you find yourself pushing through, digging deep to finish the day?

Do you notice:

  1. Feeling tired all the time
  2. Gaining weight
  3. Easley fatigue
  4. Low sex drive
  5. Being moody
  6. Lack of Memory and focus.
  7. Hot flashes and night sweats

Maybe your body is telling you something…

It is time to re-energize and restore the health and vitality that have gone away over the years and are worsened by the past neglect of our bodies.

Invest in your wellness. Becoming healthy is a decision we must make every day.

At MD Touch Aesthetics and Wellness, Dr. Carlos Jurado has developed protocols created with your wellness goals to reach optimum health and reduce the risk of illness in the future. By following four basic fundaments.

  1. Hormonal restoration, balancing, and optimization
  2. Weight management and nutrition
  3. Lifestyle modification
  4. Stress mitigation

Add life to your years.

Modern medicine now allows us to live longer. The mean lifespan is currently 82 years old.

It is your decision what quality of life you want to live…

Instead, you choose a path that will make you ill, depending on pharmaceutical drugs with all their side effects and needing a frequent visit to the doctor’s office. Or… Could you improve and maintain your health, adding quality of life to those years?

The answer is obvious. That is why many people are drifting away from conventional medicine approaches that focus on treating diseases and not so much on prevention.

More and more people have discovered the benefits of the Holistic approach with its anti-aging benefits. No longer enough to treat symptoms that may be the manifestation of and more severe condition. It is better to look for the root of the problem, such as hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, environmental hazards, and poor lifestyle choices. When these disruptors are identified and corrected, the individual start to feel better, symptoms disappear, and the overall quality of life improves. 

Do not delay; the best years of your life are still ahead!

Programs are individualized for both men and women.

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