Nutrition and Supplements

Nutrition & Diet Programs

If you’ve tried a long string of diet programs, but can’t seem to keep long-term results, it’s time for a guided nutritional program with a registered dietitian. Toye Jackman, our registered dietitian, oversees the Weight Management program to aid the journey to health and wellness. Dr. Jurado and our registered dietitian with guide and support you through your weight loss journey with a diet program and tailored exercise plans. Take a proactive approach to life with our nutrition planning programs! Book an appointment with Toye at MD Touch Aesthetics and Wellness by phone now.

Our Programs include:

  • For Loss and Muscle Gain Programs
  • Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition Planning
  • Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling
  • Postpartum Nutrition Counseling
  • Pre-Lipo-Sculpting Nutrition Counseling
  • Pre-Lipo-Sculpting Dietary Program
  • Post Lipo-Sculpting Nutrition Counseling


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The diet program at MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness is a medical weight-loss program that’s supervised by a trained nutritionist. You’ll get a full exam and blood work before starting the program, and the dedicated team explains all the details of your diet plan so you can achieve maximum success.
The MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness team is here to guide and support you through the diet program, starting with the first consultation with the doctor and registered dietitian. You’ll get regular supervision, guidance, and results, monitoring you during your weight loss journey. Your care provider can also help you tailor exercise for maximum weight loss and health benefits. Toye Jackman, our registered dietitian focuses on tailoring programs for every patient, including educational materials, step-by-step support, and wellness counseling to help you achieve your weight-loss goals, improve your health, and live a happier life. If you run into obstacles or have questions while on the diet plan, you can get the care you need right away. The MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness team is here to help you take the steps necessary to make a long-term lifestyle change.

CBD Products and Medical Grade Supplements

If you want a holistic alternative for pain, insomnia, lack of focus, or chronic fatigue, MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness in Coral Springs, Florida, offers CBD supplements. The CBD supplements are carefully chosen by a team of holistic wellness specialists who can recommend the best options for your specific needs. Use the online booking tool or call the office to learn more today.


The best CBD supplements are those containing nano-cannabinoids (nano-amplified CBD). Using a sophisticated process known as nano-emulsification, hemp-derived particles are transformed into water-soluble and highly absorbable tiny particles.  Ordinary CBD products contain far larger particles that your body can’t readily absorb. In fact, your body only absorbs and uses around 10% of the hemp in most CBD products because the particle sizes are so large. With nano-amplified CBD products, such as CBD in hemp oil or CBD in MCT oil, you absorb virtually all of the tiny particles. This means you can take less nano-amplified CBD product and still get optimal benefits.  When you take nano-amplified CBD orally, absorption starts the second you ingest it. MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness offers Be Trū Wellness™ products because they’re the best nano-amplified CBD product available and are easy to ingest for a variety of significant benefits.

CBD supplements can help with a variety of health concerns and issues. Many patients at MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness use Be Trū Wellness nano-amplified CBD supplements as a natural treatment for issues such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Poor energy levels
  • Concentration and focus issues
  • Chronic pain

You might also take CBD supplements for a number of other issues, including improved mood. Many patients use nano-amplified CBD supplements as part of their holistic whole-body health and wellness program. If you’re looking for a natural treatment option, Be Trū Wellness nano-amplified CBD supplements could be just what you need.

MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness offers a variety of Be Trū Wellness products, including gummy chews and beverage drops, for all your CBD supplement needs. You can simply take the strawberry gummy chews once daily for great benefits like improved concentration and mental clarity. Beverage drops come in several formulas for better sleep, improved energy, and enhanced focus. With just a few drops in water or the beverage of your choice, you get a powerful dose of CBD exactly when you need it.  Your MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness care provider advises you on how to integrate CBD supplements into your diet and lifestyle. Thanks to the advance of nano-amplified CBD products, it’s easier than ever to add quality CBD to your daily routine for maximum whole-body benefits.

Medical-Grade Supplements

When you want to enjoy optimal health, you can do so holistically thanks to the medical-grade supplements at MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness in Coral Springs, Florida. The experienced team of physicians and wellness experts carefully chooses anti-aging and wellness protocols that give you the maximum benefits from all-natural substances. To learn more, book an appointment online or by phone today.


Sermorelin is a substance that stimulates the release of natural human growth hormone (HGH) within your body. HGH stimulates cellular growth, recovery, and regeneration all over your body. As you age, your body produces less and less HGH. By the time you’re around 30, you might notice the effects of making less HGH, including weight gain, chronic tiredness, and loss of muscle mass. Regular sermorelin treatment prompts your body to start making HGH, just like it did when you were younger. Sermorelin gives you a wide range of whole-body benefits, including:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Fat loss
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Improved strength
  • Enhanced endurance 

Because you make HGH in your own body, you don’t need to worry about side effects or reactions. Reactions to Sermorelin are quite minimal.

Amino Acid Blends

Amino acid blends are proprietary compounds formulated using advanced scientific knowledge and formulas. These supplements contain the maximum effective amount of amino acids and vitamins to give you the best results possible. 

There are a range of amino acid blend formulas for different concerns, including:

  • Muscle health
  • Joint health
  • Anti-aging and wellness
  • Cognitive function
  • Fat burning

Amino acid blend formulas are safe and effective, so talk to your MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness provider about which formulas would work best for your goals.

MD Touch Aesthetics & Wellness team offers a comprehensive line of medical-grade supplements, including:

Adrene-Fit is a blend of adaptogenic herbs formulated to help with adrenal gland fatigue.

Aloe Cleanse

Aloe Cleanse is a natural laxative formula to help with occasional constipation.


CLA is a natural enzyme that jump-starts your metabolism to help you break down body fat faster and more effectively.


Cleanse-Fit contains milk thistle to support optimal liver, kidney, and spleen function. 

Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10)

COQ10 improves blood circulation, cardiac function, and immune response. It can also help reduce your blood pressure to a healthy level. 

DHEA 25-Fit

DHEA 25-Fit is known as the mother of all hormones because it’s a precursor in the biosynthesis of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cholesterol. 


Digesti-Fit contains extremely potent enzymes that boost your ability to absorb nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin B complex, and Omega-4 fatty acids.


DIM-Fit relieves side effects of estrogen, such as bloating and breast tenderness.


Lipo-Fit helps you maintain an optimal lipid balance.


Magne-Fit contains a high magnesium dose to help prevent metabolic and physical slow-down as you age.

Mega B-Fit

Mega B-Fit is an easily absorbed B vitamin blend that boosts your focus, concentration, energy, and metabolism levels.

Mega D-Fit

Mega D-Fit, a 50,000 IU capsule, is a megadose to boost low vitamin D3 blood levels.


Multi-Fit is a complete multivitamin and mineral formula that boosts your metabolism and energy to peak levels, while also giving you broad antioxidant support.

Omega 3-Fit

Omega 3-Fit reduces your cholesterol level, reduces your risk of heart disease, and works as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.


Probiotic-Fit contains a range of beneficial bacteria types that combat pathogens in your gastrointestinal tract. This reduces symptoms like gas, abdominal cramping, and bloating.


Sleep-Fit works in your brain’s sleep center to help you sleep peacefully.


Thyro-Fit formula contains a blend of natural ingredients that support thyroid function.


Turbo-Fit is a pre-workout supplement that helps boost energy and burn fat.

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