Wellness protocols by Dr. Carlos J. Jurado to enhance your
metabolism and wellbeing

Feeling Tired?

  • of being tired?
  • of weight gain and fatigue?
  • of low sex-drive and performance?
  • of mood swings and irritability?
  • of hot flashes and night sweats?
  • of focus and memory problems?

The slow and steady decline of hormones was once considered an inevitable part of aging. If left untreated, these deficiencies can lead to significant physical and behavioral changes. It is estimated that over 14 million men and women over age 40 suffer from “Low T” symptoms! We have now learned that certain hormone deficiencies are reversible!


  • improve energy and vitality
  • restore sexual function and desire
  • improve focus and memory
  • reduce body fat
  • increase muscle mass and strength
  • improve mood and well-being
  • restore healthy sleep

Reclaim your energy, enthusiasm, and passion…reconnect with your partner and family…revitalize your career!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement may be your answer!

“Our protocols are developed using the latest evidence base advances in age management medicine. We integrate Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition, supplements, weight management with hCG and Keto diets, and lifestyle improvement recommendations to assist you in reaching better health and quality of life.”

Medical Grade Nutritional Supplements

To increase your energy, burn fat, and improve your gastrointestinal health.

Improve body metabolism and overall body conditions such as exercise endurance, digestion and sleep.

CBD Supplements

Benefits of Nano-Cannabinoids

Cannabis extract Nano emulsions (nano-cannabinoids) provide exceptionally high bioavailability and therapeutic effect and are absorbed by the body either orally or through the skin, very rapidly and completely. In fact, the uptake starts to occur in the mouth immediately upon oral administration. This means higher potency and faster onset of action for lower doses. In addition, Nano-cannabinoids are water-compatible and can be easily mixed into beverages at essentially any desired concentration. The benefits of our products are

  1. Greater bioavailability
  2. Use less of a given product for an even better result
  3. CBD crosses the blood/brain barriers more efficiently

Benefits include

  • Exceptionally high bioavailability
  • Fast and complete absorption
  • Water-compatible: easily mixed into beverages
  • Long-term product stability
  • Translucent formulations possible
  • All-natural and non-toxic
Nano-Amplified CBD vs. CBD in Hemp or MCT Oil

Nano-Amplified CBD products which are water-soluble and more bio available are typically 50-90 percent more absorbed into the body.

For example, imagine:

Bottle A is Nano based CBD at a concentrate of 250mg. Bottle B is CBD in Hemp, or MCT Oil and is a concentrate of 2,500mg. Which product delivers more CBD into the body? If you said Nano-Amplified CBD, you are right. That’s because even at 10 times the strength Nano based CBD is better absorbed into the body and not flushed out as waste.

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